Youth Employment Opportunity

Red Road Project Community leader

 Atlantic Canada’s First Nation Help Desk and Mi’kmaw Kina’matnewey are looking for Community Youth Representatives for the “Red Road Project” a program to promote healthy choices and to combat drug and alcohol abuse in First Nation communities. (

 Title:                                    Community Leader

Purpose:                           To encourage, inspire and promote healthy choices and combat

drug and alcohol abuse through the development, and delivery of activities and programs, that will empower other youth to
to take greater control of their lives as individuals.

 Responsible to:            Project Coordinators of the Red Road Project and Director of Education.

 Responsible for:          The work of community leaders supporting the project.

 Key Responsibilities:

 1.  Initiate, develop, and maintain positive relationships with young people in order to identify key issues relevant to them.

2.  Be involved in planning and facilitating project activities for young people.

3.  Direct youth in a way that encourages young people to develop their self-awareness, individuality, and growth.

4.  Work in ways that promote equality of opportunity, participation, and               responsibility.

5.  Promote healthy decision-making.
6.   Work with the project coordinator in achieving Red Road Project goals.

7.  Report weekly on individual community activities (mandatory for payroll)*

8.  Report to the education director in the community (accountability)

9.  Work on the goals set out in the Red Road work plan (Developed during the MK Symposium).

10.  Partake in cultural leadership camps.

 Preferred Qualifications:

Ages 15-19, outgoing and energetic personality, organized and highly responsible, team player, alcohol and drug free, positive attitude, strong communication skills, potential role model.

 Due Date for Applications: Friday, June 16, 2016

June 20

A great Opportunity for students. 

Open to all potential Grads 2017

June 1 - Multiversity Learning Center

Check this out!

Rita Joe Literacy Day will be on Friday April 21st.

A dynamic leadership program for Mi’kmaw high school youth at the national environmental learning conference at Acadia University in Wolfville, Nova Scotia.

The Mi’kmaw Conservation Group is offering all expense paid scholarships for this three day conference to students interested in learning about environment and sustainability and indegenous education. It will include…

• Special experiences learning about and in the natural world

• Meeting and getting to know like-minded youth from across the country

• Exploring the world of environmental science and technology

• Music, spoken word, singing, storytelling drumming and dance

• Hands-on leadership opportunities

If you are interested, please contact your teacher or principal.
You can learn about the conference at:


SUBJECT: A music video to honor elders and ancestors is being made on Wednesday April 12, 2017

Dear parents and guardians of EEMS, TEC, EIS and ABMHS students:

On April 12th (this Wednesday) a team of teachers and students from ABMHS will be shooting a follow up video to the song and video we created last year - Gentle Warrior. This year, the theme of our song and video is youth honoring their elders and ancestors. The team behind this project would like to pass along the following information to you, your families and your neighbors.

• The video shoot will take place behind the Eskasoni Middle School between 1:20 and 2:20, on Wednesday, April 12th. That’s this Wednesday. Our rain day is Thursday April 13, same time and place.

• All residents of Eskasoni are invited to attend and are asked, if possible, to wear clothing that reflects their Mi’kmaq pride. For example, school t-shirts, regalia, ribbon shirts, etc. Also, please feel free to bring a drum or other culturally significant belongings such as Mi’kmaq flags, etc.

• Anyone who would like to appear in close-up in the video is encouraged to bring a photograph of an ancestor or relative who has passed on. We are hoping to include clips of people, young and old, holding their photos in honor of their deceased relatives throughout the video.

• If you are a drummer or would like to take part in a large round dance come prepared to drum or dance


Carter Chiasson (music teacher)

Newell Johnson (principal)


Please Bring an official copy of your transcript. Refreshments will be served. Wednesday Aptil 12, 5-7pm at ABMHS  Conference Room. 


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