Year book

I will be hosting the yearbook meetings in my classroom (room 202) during lunch hours on Day 1.

We will only have a meeting if there are pictures that have been added to the yearbook folder.

These meetings will consist of the committee actually going through photos and deciding which ones make the final cut for the yearbook. Toward the end of the year, you will also help out in actually making the yearbook.

Listen for announcements and hope to see you soon!


This weblink will bring you to a google drive folder where you can add pictures which may be used in our yearbook this year. All pictures are welcome, as long as they are school appropriate. Feel free to include pictures from outside of school as well. I will be checking this folder about once a week in order to save some of the pictures to other locations, so if your picture goes missing, do not stress!

Looking forward to all of your pictures and a great yearbook this year!!


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